Sen. Tammy Duckworth expresses support for protesters in wake of new NFL National Anthem policy

(CNN) Sen. Tammy Duckworth called on her provider as a veteran to express her assistance for National Anthem protesters within the wake of the NFL’s new plan mandating players on the field indicate the song.

“I will always stand upon these legs for the flag plus anthem, but it was ALSO my praise to defend people’s right to free speech— including those who choose to #TakeAKnee to convey outrage at the glaring disparity within how Americans of different races are usually treated, ” she wrote.
Duckworth was serving in the US Military in Iraq in 2004 whenever her Black Hawk helicopter had been hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. The particular attack resulted in the loss of both associated with her legs. She was granted the Purple Heart for her accidental injuries.

The senator’s social media posts follow Wednesday’s decision by the soccer league mandating that players are a symbol of the National Anthem or remain in the locker room during the music. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that teams whose gamers and personnel do not stand and possess respect for the flag and the anthem will be fined by the league.

The brand new policy comes in the wake associated with protests the past two seasons, by which some players kneeled during the anthem in protest of systemic racism. The protests sparked fierce repercussion, including by President Donald Trump. On Thursday, Trump praised the NFL pertaining to doing “the right thing” with the rule, and recommended that players who kneel really should not in the United States.
“You have to stand proudly for that National Anthem or you shouldn’t be actively playing. You shouldn’t be there. Maybe you shouldn’t be in the united states, ” Trump said.
While Duckworth did not clearly mention the new policy, other Democrats in Congress expressed their contempt outright.
“The NFL’s new anthem policy is just not a matter of respect for the flag, it really is meant to silence those who are using their system to protest racial injustice in the usa, ” California Rep. Ro Khanna messaged Friday . “This is undesirable. Players should not be penalized for talking out for what they believe in. ”
Across the aisle, Ny Republican Rep. Peter King upon Saturday expressed his disdain with regard to National Anthem protesters, suggesting their own actions were on par along with spouting racial invectives or offering the Nazi salute.

“Disgraceful that @nyjets owner will pay fines for gamers who kneel for National Anthem, ” he tweeted. “Encouraging the movement premised on lies versus police. Would he support just about all player protests? Would he spend fines of players giving Nazi salutes or spew racism? It could time to say goodbye to Jets! ”