Shepard Smith Suggests Trump Play With Toy Tanks, Not Hold Military Parade

President  Donald Trump’ s   dream of a  big military parade   in Washington is getting a lot of pushback   from both citizens in addition to their military .   But more remarkably, some people at his beloved Monk News aren’ t so scorching the idea.

On Wednesday, anchor Shepard Smith openly ridiculed the president’ after hour proposed parade by carrying out a discussion with Fox Headlines correspondent Jennifer Griffin.

“ He could go see the water tanks at a military base if afterwards wanted to, ” Smith offered as the more frugal alternative.   “ Or they could give him used .. Little mini replicas. I mean, the narrator wants to see what he has. I did some of those when I was a kid. ”

Smith later added: “ You can get the little plastic instances and lay them out on each table and say, ‘ In these cases you go. ’ ”

Griffin joined in the teasing.

“ We can play Strategy but also Risk, ” she suggested.

The complete segment is below.

“ Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade is yet another Fox News personality skeptical that’s about Trump’ s grand parade.

By Wednesday, he broke ranks who have co-hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt, who supported the offered event.

“ I don’ capital t know.   It seems like a waste of money , ” he said.