Shooting Survivor To Politicians: We Want Change Or We’ll Vote You Out

Delaney Tarr, a 17-year-old survivor of the Parkland, Florida, massacre, was before thousands of students, teachers plus activists at Saturday’ s  March for Our Lives in Washington, D. Chemical., to vow, “ We are not really here for bread crumbs. We are in charge of real change. ”

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior informed ABC News before her conversation that the Feb. 14 shooting, which  killed 17 individuals ,   “ has completely upended the priorities and my perception of all things. ”

The teenager shipped an incredibly poised speech, which we’ ve transcribed in full below:

My name is Delaney Tarr, and I’ m here nowadays because I’ m a Marjory Stoneman Douglas student. However , I’ m not here today for your media. I’ m not in charge of the crowds, as great when you all are, for the fame, for the enjoyable. I’ m here on this phase today and I’ ve already been working everyday for my seventeen fellow Eagles who were pronounced lifeless because of gunfire.

I am here for every person which has died at the hands of gun violence as well as for the many more whose lives had been irreparably changed because of it. I believe, I hope that that is why we are all right here. Because this is more than just a march. This really is more than just one day, one event,   then moving on. This is not a mere promotion stunt, a single day in the period of history. This is a movement.

This is a movement dependent on the persistence and passion from the people. We cannot move on. Whenever we move on, the NRA and those towards us will win. They want all of us to forget. They want our sounds to be silenced. And they want to escape into the shadows where they can stay unnoticed. They want to be back on top, undisputed in their corruption, but we are unable to and we will not let that occur.

These days, and every day, we will continue to guard those things that are right. We will keep fight for common sense. We will continue to guard our lives. We will continue to fight for our own dead friends. There will be no screwing up, no pauses in our cause. Every single moment will be dedicated to those items of legislation ― every march, every single meeting, every moment. All for this assault weapons ban to keep these types of weapons of war out of the fingers of civilians who do not need all of them. All for the prohibition of high-capacity magazines. Because no hunter can ever need access to a journal that can kill 17 in mere moments. All for the reinforcement of background record checks and closing of loopholes, simply because there must be more of a requirement for an individual to access a gun than just a wad associated with cash.

There are so very many things, a lot of steps to take. Like right now, indication our petition. It takes two mere seconds and it matters. We will take the large and we will take the small, but we are going to keep fighting. When they give all of us that inch, that bump share ban, we will take a mile.

We are not really here for bread crumbs. We are in charge of real change.

We are here to prospect.

We have been here to call out each and every politician, to force them directly into enacting this legislation, to handling this legislation, to doing greater than a simple Band-Aid on a broken bone fragments. The pressure is on for everyone in power, and it will stay this way. Because they know what is coming. They will know that if there is no assault weaponry ban passed, then we will election them out. They know that when there is no tightening of the background checks, we are going to vote them out. They realize that if there is no shrinking of journal capacity, then we will vote all of them out.

If they continue to ignore us, to pretend to listen, then we will make a change where it counts. We will do something every day, in every way, until they will simply cannot ignore us anymore. Nowadays we march, we fight, all of us roar. We prepare our indications, we raise them high. We all know what we want, we know how to get this, and we are not waiting any longer.  

  Listen to, hear, Delaney.