‘SNL’ Cast Member Claims Trump Faked A Bizarre Phone Call During Rehearsals

Saturday Night time Live ” cast associate Pete Davidson claims President Donald Trump faked a congratulatory telephone call during rehearsals for his Nov 2015 hosting appearance.    

“ He was like, ‘ Hi, ’ ” Davidson said, mimicking the call. “ He goes, ‘ Oh, fantastic. OK, great. ’ And then he hung up and goes, ‘ Hey, everybody! The book just went number one. ’ ”

Davidson told Complex’ t “ Open up Late ” that the contact seemed fishy.  

“ We swear on my life, we were many, like, ‘ Yo, that cell phone didn’ t ring, ’ ” he said.

Another cast associate had a different recollection of the minute.  

“ During the table examine, [Trump]   stopped the desk read in the middle the sketch to consider a three-minute phone call to hear about his book getting number one and announced it in order to everybody at the time, ” Taran Killam told Larry King last year.

Killam, who often portrayed Trump on the program, also said the future president “ didn’ t have a great feeling of humor” and was “ stiff”   on-air with no organic sense of timing.  

Trump’ s 2015 book,   Crippled America: How to Make America Excellent Again , debuted at number five on The New York Instances best-seller list.