Snoop Dogg Reveals The One Guy Who Ever Out-Smoked Him

Snoop Dogg appeared on “ Due to jimmy kimmel Live” Monday to market his new gospel album , however the conversation inevitably got around in order to his weed worship.

The artist and “ Joker’ s Wild”   host said only one individual has ever had a greater tolerance compared to him for smoking marijuana in a single sitting.

Willie Nelson may be the only person who’ s actually out-smoked Snoop Dogg, ” Dogg said. “ I had to hit the particular timeout button. ”

It was the button he said he’ deb never had to push before.

Spy, whose  organic bromance   with Nelson is well known, has praised the “ On the Road Once again ” singer’ s greater lawn appetite   before. Yet Nelson no doubt will appreciate Snoop’ s reefer-al, just the same.

View above to find out who Snoop places on his Mount Rushmore of stoners.