South Carolina woman who gouged her eyes out thought it was a sacrifice to God

A South Carolina female who gouged her eyes out there in public while in a drug-induced higher said she believed the medicines were bringing her closer to Lord.

Kaylee Muthart, 20, of Anderson, SC, opened up to  Cosmopolitan   mag about how she went from a straight-A student occasionally drinking and cigarette smoking marijuana to having meth and inspiration on a regular basis.

She said it all began final summer when she smoked weed laced with a narcotic that the girl believes may have been cocaine or meth. Following the incident, she left college and her job because the lady felt she was betrayed by friend who gave her the particular laced substance.

Soon after Muthart said the girl relationship with her boyfriend associated with two years “ began to deteriorate” and he or she smoked marijuana and took Xanax to cope. Their breakup led to the mental breakdown and a bipolar disorder analysis.


Muthart stated she eventually found a new work but could not shake off the ideas of how the laced marijuana produced her feel. It was those emotions that made her decide to smoke cigarettes meth last August.

She lost the girl job because she was “ too embarrassed” to go to work right after she picked at her encounter following her trip on the narcotic.

Ultimately, Muthart turned to ecstasy as well.

“ During ecstasy, I studied the Scriptures, ” Muthart said. “ I actually misinterpreted a lot of it. I confident myself that meth would provide me even closer to God. ”

Throughout Thanksgiving, her mother Katy Tompkins tried to intervene and even recorded the phone conversation between the two of these to get a court order that would power her daughter into a rehab middle.

Nevertheless , Muthart bought meth from the girl dealer. She recalled that the lady injected “ a larger dose [of meth] that I’ m ever used before. ”

This was upon Feb. 6, 2018. That day time, while hallucinating from the large dosage, Muthart recalled that she believed “ someone had to sacrifice some thing important to the world, and that person has been me. ”

“ I thought everything would certainly end abruptly, and everyone would certainly die, if I didn’t tear out there my eyes immediately, ” she stated. ” I don’t know how I found that conclusion, but I experienced it was, without doubt, the right, rational action to take immediately. ”


Muthart said the man she have been staying with, who she did not determine but said had a biblical title, was driving by and inquired her a question. She said the girl felt that the encounter was the girl sign.

What happened next has left Muthart totally blind.

WARNING: Details below include graphic material

“ So I pressed my thumb, pointer, and center finger into each eye. We gripped each eyeball, twisted, plus pulled until each eye jumped out of the socket — it seemed a massive struggle, the hardest point I ever had to do, ” the girl said. “ Because I could no more see, I don’t know if there is blood. But I know the medicines numbed the pain. I’m pretty sure I might have tried to claw right into our brain if a pastor hadn’t noticed me screaming, ‘ I want to view the light! ’ — which I can not recall saying — and controlled me. ”

She continued: “ He or she later said, when he discovered me, that I was holding our eyeballs in my hands. I had squished them, although they were somehow nevertheless attached to my head. ”

Across the street, terrified churchgoers from the South Main Chapel plus Mercy Center watched on.

Muthart stated that during the incident her mother had been traveling to the courthouse to get the girl committed to the rehabilitation center yet “ she was too late. ”

Subsequent her surgery to save her optic nerves, Muthart said she “ knew” she was blind plus suffered from bad headaches. She mentioned she refused powerful painkillers in spite of her pain and even asked people to describe how she looked since she could not see.

Since then, Muthart continues to be clean. She has been adapting with her new lifestyle and hoped to return to school for marine the field of biology. She also plans to attend ninety Narcotics Anonymous meetings and expectations to raise enough money on  GoFundMe   for a seeing-eye dog.

Despite the situation, Muthart said she is “ happier at this point than she was before all of this happened. ”

“ I’d rather become blind than dependent on drugs, ” she said. “ It got losing my sight to get myself back on the right path, yet from the bottom of my coronary heart, I’m so glad I’m right here. ”