Supermarket Censors Teen’s ‘Summa Cum Laude’ Graduation Cake

A cake celebrating a Sc teen’ s high school graduation changed into a not-so-sweet surprise when a Publix supermarket censored the inscription “ summa cum laude. ”

The particular grad’ s mom,   Panduan Koscinski, said she ordered the cake online from her nearby Publix for a graduation party on her 18-year-old son, Jacob. The store enables customers to customize cake purchases with a personalized inscription.    

Koscinski said she ordered the cake the the words: “ Congrats Jacob! Summa Cum Laude Course of 2018. ”

Instead, grocery store bakers wrote: “ Congrats John! Summa  – – – Laude Class of 2018. ”  

Incredulous, Koscinski shared pictures from the censored cake on Facebook. “ I seriously couldn’ t get this to crap up!!!! ” she had written. “ Funny ― not humorous. ”

The particular Washington Post, which  did a deeper jump on the Publix website , documented that the online box where clients enter cake inscriptions is extremely temperamental, and filters  “ profane/special figures. ” “ Cum, ” regardless of its use as a preposition which means “ with” in the Latin expression summa cum laude ― “ with the highest distinction” ― has been rendered profane.

Koscinski told the particular newspaper that she “ described that Summa Cum Laude was obviously a Latin term for high educational honor and was not profane” within the “ special instructions” box to the Publix website, and included a web link that defined the phrase.

The lady said she was busy along with party preparations and didn’ big t notice the cake’ s messed up information until it was time for delicacy. The dashed-out message, she mentioned, was humiliating for her teenage child.

“ It was unbelievable. I purchased the special graduation edition dessert. I can’ t believe I’ m the first one to ever create ‘ Summa Cum Laude’ on the cake, ” Koscinski told the particular Post.

Publix offered to make one more cake, but Koscinski said the lady declined because Jacob would “ only graduate once. ” The girl said the store refunded $70 for your cake and gave her a shop gift card.  

Koscinski informed HuffPost that she and the girl son “ think it’ s i9000 overwhelming and crazy. ”

“ But we are laughing about it, ” she said, adding that she’ ll “ probably avoid” Publix “ for now. ”

Publix informed HuffPost in a statement that fulfilling customers is the “ top priority” of the chain, which has locations within the Southeast.

“ You can feel assured that this situation has been addressed, as well as the appropriate business areas and commanders are involved, ” the statement stated.

HuffPost spoke to Jeanne Neumann, a professor in the classics division at Davidson College, who discussed this saucy tidbit about bread and Latin over email: “ A cake celebrating the end of the war of a simpler time may have proclaimed Gladii Omnes in vaginas recondantur!   (May all swords be sheathed! (or) All swords should be place in their sheaths). ” Neumann mentioned that “ vagina” in Latina means “ sheath for a blade. ”

That might have passed the particular Publix censors, but what about words and phrases that might not have?

“ The commands ‘ inform me’ (dic) and ‘ perform it’ (fac) sound a bit such as ‘ dick’ and ‘ fuck’ when pronounced. Just a bit, but sufficient to get students laughing, ” mentioned Neumann.  

This article continues to be updated to include a statement through Publix and comment from Neumann.