Sylvester Stallone posts birthday tribute to ‘fantastic enemy’ Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger may poke fun each and every other in the movies, but in truth theyre quite good friends. This was produced evident at a recent birthday celebration for that Terminator star.

The 71-year-old Stallone took to social media to honor their friend on his 70th birthday. Very first, the Expendables star posted the side-by-side shot of Schwarzeneggers leading physique up against his from the film Rambo to give fans a look at both titans of body building together.

Pre- JOYFUL BIRTHDAY ARNOLD!!!! he wrote within the caption. As long as you live and over and above, youre always going to be the BIG GUY who set the bar therefore high that it will never be exceeded, an action hero legend!

Stallone understands a thing or two about action hero tales, as hes the mind behind the particular Expendables franchise, which pits a few of the biggest names in movies plus TV agianst each other. Schwarzenegger performed a role in all three of those films as the foil to Stallones personality. The two are often allies on the battleground, but theyre friendship is based on the no-nonsense rivalry. This is something that Stallone winked at during a birthday toasted bread to his friend.

You dont give up, you dont quit and you you’ll still dont quit, Stallone said to an audience while holding a microphone. Actually its boundless energy. But , youve been a fantastic enemy and a much better friend, thats all I can state.

The above mentioned video ends with the two taking on like old friends before slicing away. As Entertainment Tonight notes, the duo often create their friendship public, despite on-screen appearances. When Stallones movie, Creed, lost the Oscar in 2016, the Celebrity Apprentice host delivered him a consolation tweet. He or she also congratulated Stallone publicly right after his Golden Globe win previously that year.