Teacher’s Gun Goes Off In Lesson About Gun Safety, Injuring 3

The teacher who is also a reserve cop  accidentally released his gun   upon Tuesday while teaching a general public safety class at a high school within California.

A bullet hit the particular ceiling of Seaside High School within Monterey County, and fragments from your shot struck one male college student in the neck. Two others suffered small injuries as well, based on the Seaside Police Department.

Dennis Alexander, a teacher and a reserve police officer from the nearby Sand City Law enforcement Department,   has been placed on leave at both the school and the section pending an investigation, local outlet KSBW reported. Alexander, also a Seaside town council member, reportedly apologized for that incident.

An investigation into the incident continues to be ongoing and some students still have to be interviewed,   Cmdr.   Judy Veloz of the Seaside police informed HuffPost.

Alexander’ s own section will also investigate the matter,   Fine sand City Police Chief Brian Ferrante confirmed in an email to HuffPost.  

“ I have concerns regarding why he was displaying the loaded firearm in a classroom, ” Ferrante told KSBW separately.   “ We will be looking into that. ”

Fermin Gonzales, whose son was injured, mentioned the school did not inform him from the incident. He discovered what experienced happened when his 17-year-old emerged home with blood on his clothing and bullet fragments in his throat. He said the teen told your pet Alexander pointed the gun in the ceiling and said he would definitely make sure it wasn’ t packed. Then it went off.

“ It could have already been very bad, ” Gonzales informed KSBW.

The teen told a local NBC place that he laughed when his buddies first told him he had already been injured . But then he discovered the blood on his shirt plus wiped his neck.

Daniel Diffenbaugh, superintendent of the Monterey Peninsula Unified College District,   told the Monterey County Weekly that Alexander  was not authorized   to have his firearm upon campus.

“ I think plenty of questions are on parents’ minds are usually, why a teacher would be directing a loaded firearm at the roof in front of students, ” Diffenbaugh mentioned.

Alexander’ s gun had not been the only one to go off at a college on Tuesday. A resource official unintentionally discharged his weapon at a middle school in Alexandria, Virginia. No one was hurt.

Both incidents unfolded just a day time before students across the nation staged the walkout to demonstration campus gun violence.