Tennessee lawmaker says pornography is a ‘root cause’ of school shootings

Washington (CNN) Conservative Rep. Diane Black of Tn recently cited pornography, along with the damage of the family and violent movies, being a contributing factor to gun assault in schools.

“Why do we find kids being so violent? Precisely out there? What makes them do that? inch Black said. “Because, as a doctor, I go back to root cause. And I think that is a couple things, ” Black stated, listing off deterioration of the as well as violent movies, before mentioning porn material.
“Pornography. It’s available. It’s available on the particular shelf when you walk in the supermarket. Yeah, you have to reach up to get it, yet there’s pornography there, ” Dark says in the audio. “All of the is available without parental guidance. inch

The girl adds, “And I think that’s a large part of the root cause, that we see a lot of young people that have mental illness obtain caught in these places. ”

In the sound, Black does not detail what it is regarding pornography that she believes plays a part in school shootings.
“I think the context is incredibly clear, ” Black’s campaign speaker Chris Hartline told CNN Wednesday. “Diane believes the breakdown associated with families and communities plays a substantial role in instances of school assault. ”
Mothers Demand Action founder Shannon W criticized Black’s comments, writing upon Tweets that “despite all the data and experts at the girl disposal, (Black) chooses to blame ‘grocery store pornography’ for school shootings. And she doesn’t mean the publications that glorify guns. ”
This tale has been updated with additional materials from Black’s remarks.