Tesla Expects to Make Some Money Off Elon Musk’s Tunnel Company

Tesla Inc. added an intriguing client last year: Elon Musk ’ s Uninteresting Co.

The electric-car maker arrived at an agreement to sell vehicle motor plus battery pack components to the tunnel-digging start-up, according to a proxy statement. Tesla said it expects to send Boring Co. an invoice totaling regarding $400, 000 for this year plus 2017.

It’ s not the only real case in which money is modifying hands between Tesla and other businesses led by its chief executive officer. Musk’ s Area Exploration Technologies Corp. reached an agreement in June to pay for Tesla $1. 9 million for the microgrid energy system and set up services. In March, the skyrocket company bought another $150, 1000 in additional equipment, and the associated work will be completed in the second one fourth, according to Tesla.

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SpaceX also has charged Tesla to be used of the aircraft that the rocket firm and Musk own and run. Last year, Tesla racked up legislation of almost $750, 000 below these arrangements.