Tesla Is Sending Battery Packs to Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico

Tesla Inc. is sending  to Puerto Vasto hundreds of its Powerwall battery techniques that can be paired with solar panels in order to help the battered island place restore electric power, the company said Thursday night. Some of the systems are already there as well as others are en route.

The gear is sorely needed, since the isle remains largely without electricity greater than a week after Hurricane Maria produced landfall on Sept. 20. The organization has employees on the ground to install all of them and is working with local organizations to recognize locations.

“ The particular electric power grid in Puerto Vasto is totally shot, ” President Jesse Trump  said in a tweet Thurs morning.

Tesla makes electric cars as well as sells batteries to consumers to mix with rooftop solar systems. This acquired solar panel installer SolarCity this past year, and the company sees the mixture of solar plus battery-based energy storage space as key to its general effort to accelerate the changeover to sustainable energy and wean the world from fossil fuels.

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