Texas man arrested for threatening call to Ted Cruz

(CNN) The San Antonio man was imprisoned last week after he allegedly still left a threatening voicemail on a Capitol Hill phone for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“Pretty soon you will absolutely gonna be runnin for your existence, just hope your family is not along with ya because I’m not going to insult them, I’m gonna destroy them, right after I shoot a person right in front of them, ” Headley said in the voicemail, according to the issue.
Court documents identify the particular recipient of the message only being a US official with the initials “T. C. ” But a police force source confirmed to CNN the sufferer was the Republican senator.

In his statements to investigators, Headley expressed support for President Jesse Trump and displeasure with Cruz’s positions that are at odds using the administration’s, according to the source.

A member of Cruz’s staff retrieved the message from the US Capitol phone system upon July 13 and reported this to Capitol Police, court documents state. Headley was detained later that will day at his home in San Antonio by FBI agents as well as other law enforcement and admitted to causing the message, according to the complaint.
Headley made a preliminary appearance in San Antonio government court on July 14 yet did not enter a plea. The public defender for Headley failed to respond to a request for comment Thursday night.