Texas man trapped inside ATM rescued after passing notes through receipt slot

Contractor, who was changing the locking mechanism at a Bank of America within Corpus Christi, slipped notes in order to customers, who called the police

The Texas guy who became trapped inside an CREDIT slipped notes to customers with the receipt slot pleading for them to assist him escape, police said upon Thursday.

The Corpus Christi police lieutenant Chris Hooper said the service provider became stuck on Wednesday whenever he was changing the secure to a Bank of The united states room that leads towards the ATM.

Apparently he left his mobile phone and the swipe card he needed to step out of the room outside in his truck, Hooper said.

The contractor after that passed notes through the ATM invoice slot to customers retrieving money, imploring them to call his employer. One read: Please help. I am stuck in here.

Some customers appeared to write off the notes as a prank, Hooper said. But one called law enforcement, who detected a faint tone of voice coming from inside the ATM. An official kicked in the door to the area and freed the man, whose title was not released.

Everyone is OK however, you will never see this in your life, that will somebody was stuck in the CREDIT, Richard Olden, a police older officer, told KRIS-TV. It was simply crazy.