‘The Big Bang Theory’ Pays Sweetest Tribute To Stephen Hawking In Deleted Scene

The best Bang Theory ”   had a touching season finale homage to late physicist Stephen Hawking , but sadly it was cut to get time.

Luckily for fans, the strike CBS sitcom has now released the particular unaired clip online. But become warned, it’ s a real tear-jerker. ( Spoilers ahead . )

Check out the cut here:

Thursday night’ s episode saw “ Celebrity Wars” actor Mark Hamill officiating the much-hyped wedding ceremony among Sheldon ( Jim Parsons ) plus Amy ( Mayim Bialik ).

The particular deleted scene takes place after the couple’ s nuptials. Emotions run higher as the newlyweds unwrap a gift through Hawking, an engraved pocket view that the scientist  ― who guest-starred on the show  ― delivered them before he died at age seventy six in March.

Hamill described the scene as a “ lovely, touching (& funny) tribute” to the iconic scientist:

Showrunner Steve Netherlands told The Hollywood Reporter it was hard for the sitcom  “ to be super timely” within honoring Hawking, “ because we all shoot ahead of our airdates. ”

“ The wedding was a big show and it seemed like a good chance to spend some tribute to him, ” Holland said.

The unaired picture stirred many emotions on Tweets: