The big question Mike Pence didn’t answer about Stormy Daniels

Washington (CNN) Upon Monday in Jerusalem, Vice Leader Mike Pence was asked about porn star Raining Daniels and her alleged partnership with President Donald Trump .

Which is an interesting way to answer that will question.
Pence is saying that the allegation that Daniels and Trump engaged in a lovemaking affair in the 2000s are unwarranted and beneath comment. Which, I actually get. If Pence said anything at all other than that, it would be a massive news story.

Here’s the problem pertaining to Pence (and Trump): If body fat there there, then why do Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, set up a company in Delaware — a state notorious for its lack of business transparency — and make a $130, 000 payment to Daniels before the 2016 election? ( That is all according to The Wsj ; CNN has not independently verified those details. )

Cohen’s only opinion about all of this is that the rumors concerning Trump’s relationship with Daniels identified for a very long time and that the Leader “once again vehemently denies such occurrence. ” In a statement given by Cohen from Daniels, she furthermore calls the article “absolutely false. inch
Since Cohen did not deny making the transaction, we can only assume that he do. What Cohen is denying may be the existence of the relationship. What this individual does not appear to be denying is the Journal’s reporting of the $130, 000 compensation from a company seemingly created for that will express purpose.
So , if as Pence plus Cohen insist, there was no romantic relationship between Trump and Daniels, after that why the payout?
Presumably, Donald Trump didn’t get rich by arbitrarily doling out six-figure sums with regard to no reason, right? If the cash was given out for a purpose, what was that will purpose?
This is actually the President of the United States we are talking about. Plus, while Trump’s weathering of their lewd comments on an “Access Hollywood” tape and his surviving a series of intimate harassment allegations during the 2016 strategy tend to de-sensitize people to stories such as this, they shouldn’t.
Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or even some other party (or no celebration at all! ), ask yourself this: The reason why did the personal lawyer to the Chief executive of the United States pay a porn superstar, who alleges a sexual partnership with Trump, $130, 000 right before the 2016 election?
Under any circumstances, that would be somewhat rubbish. Given the timing and closeness to the 2016 election, it’s a good deal more than somewhat fishy.
The question Pence answered upon Monday isn’t the question that needs to be requested (and answered). It’s not whether Trump had a sexual relationship with Daniels. It’s: If Trump didn’t have a sex relationship with Daniels then exactly why did Cohen set up a private corporation to send a six-figure payment in order to Daniels during the heat of the political election?
As far as I could tell, no one — not Cohen, not Pence and certainly not Trump — have answered that most question. We need to keep asking until they actually.