The NFL is attacking an America that has treated it very well. Time to end the tax breaks

While we glorify football players for their accomplishments over the field, they are not heroes. I recently frequented with a real hero – a new Army sergeant  from my congressional district who still gets entire body tremors when he stands. Bombs bursting in the air exploded over their unit in Afghanistan, leaving shards of metal stuck in his head.  

When I entered his area at Walter Reed National Army Medical Center, he proudly stood on full attention, brimming with nervous power. I had come to thank him for a grateful nation, and the sergeant was as respectful as he has been inspiring in his patriotism. Although this individual winced with pain, he would require the meeting lying down.  

We failed to discuss his injury or analysis. He told me how proud this individual was of his wife, the teacher at the local high school. And exactly how willing he was to go back towards the fight – wherever that star-spangled banner yet waves.  

The instructor and the sergeant are the regular people who make up my North Florida region, which boasts of more army bases than Starbucks, and more experienced than pelicans. These are the folks exactly who do not understand why NFL players might disrespect our anthem or the flag or why the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Commissioner’s office has embraced this particular unpatriotic conduct.

Taxpayers pay over seventy percent of the cost of stadiums. Our own citizens pay more and more for seat tickets, and valuations of professional sports activities franchises have skyrocketed. Player payment keeps growing. But the NFL Commissioner’ s i9000 office can choose at any point to stop paying out taxes altogether.

The nation is increasingly diverse within thought, values, and background. However throughout our history, America offers given proof through many evenings that our flag is still here, which freedom still reigns.  

Choosing in order to disrespect our flag is an over-generalized indictment of the greatest nation in the world. Kneeling for the anthem does absolutely nothing to advance solutions to racial injustice, law enforcement brutality, or any other social predicament. It is a slap in the face to patriotism itself. It is a statement that The united states as a country is no longer worth position for.  

It is bizarre to see the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE attacking an America that has taken care of it so well over the many years. Taxpayers pay over 70 % of the cost of stadiums. Our people pay more and more for tickets, plus valuations of professional sports franchises have skyrocketed. Player compensation grows. But the NFL Commissioner’ s workplace can choose at any point to stop paying fees altogether.   Only in America, child!

No one is saying pro-athletes must give up demonstration rights because of their job. They should basically protest on their own time, and on their very own dime, like any other American. Proprietors who require their players in order to stand for the national anthem plus flag should be commended, and the gamers who choose to play elsewhere have got that right.  

As for the NFL Commissioner’ s office, why do these people get special treatment in the taxes code in the first place? Why do any expert sports leagues enjoy tax benefits unavailable to regular folks or even small businesses? Special loopholes in the taxes code for pro-sports leagues may shortchange the U. S. Treasury by over $150 million throughout the current budget window.  

That cash would be better spent at Walt Reed.  

President Trump has required massive tax reform to get the economy moving again. We must reduce taxes for hard-working Americans, whilst ending the swampy loopholes designed by special interest groups. Finishing the exemption for pro-sports leagues is an obvious place to start — plus President Trump agrees with that, as well.

I had offered the  PRO Sports activities Act   to remove these exemptions.   Going forward, maybe pro-athletes won’ t just take the knee — maybe they will have a stand for the solutions to the interpersonal aliments they observe.

All Americans need to and always must enjoy complete access to First Amendment rights, yet nobody has the right to expect specific tax treatment while disrespecting the flag.

Republican Matt Gaetz  represents Florida’s 1st congressional region in the U. S. House associated with Representatives.