The rise of the Mooch and the military guy

(CNN) Among the jaw-dropping quotes that White Home communications director Anthony Scaramucci lately gave the media was provided to press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“The only thing I ask Dorothy — Sarah, if you’re watching, We loved the hair and makeup individual we had on Friday, so Let me continue to use the hair and makeup individual, ” he said inside a CNN interview last weekend.

Scaramucci later tweeted that he was speaking about his own makeup, not Huckabee’s. Probably so , but we are skeptical.

That is because it was not the first time that Scaramucci made this kind of bizarre comment, and has not already been the last. After all, in his relatively limited time on the Trump stage, the scrupulously groomed Scaramucci has already shown a solid grasp of his boss’s strategies. Key among them: power comes from product packaging over policy. Indeed, he shows up cut from the same cloth in lots of ways.
Why does this particular matter? In his new role, Scaramucci’s understanding of the power of appearances intends to keep us reassured by a easily polished squad of front guys (and a few front women) capable of project competence and deflect interest from the President’s failures to move the nation forward.

On Friday, Trump called as his new chief associated with staff Homeland Security Secretary Common John Kelly, a man who matches neatly into the Trump ethos associated with order, control, and the appearance associated with power. The message here is seamlessness.
An early on example of this showed why Scaramucci and Trump are on the same web page. While being interviewed for any January story by New York Journal writer Jessica Pressler, Scaramucci made a decision to ask Pressler her age. “You look good. No lines on your encounter, ” he told her. Trump’s similarly awkward recent comment about Brigitte Macron — “You’re in such very good condition. She’s in such good physical shape. Lovely. ” — echoed Scaramucci’s pronouncement.
In December, The Washington Post reported that one factor President Trump was considering as he selected the particular members of his cabinet has been whether candidates “look the part” (see Kelly appointment).
In February, somebody who worked on Trump’s campaign told Axios that “Trump likes the ladies who work for him ‘to gown like women. ‘” “Even if you are in jeans, you need to look nice and orderly, ” the source mentioned.
But based on the Axios report, the appearances associated with male staffers matter just as much towards the President. He wants his associates to be well-dressed, with “good actual demeanor, good stature, hair properly groomed. ”
Why is the President so centered on appearances? It should be clear by now that will his approach to the presidency would be to serve as entertainer-in-chief. For a real estate magnate with previous experience in increasing Nielsen ratings for reality TV, not really running a country, the focus on maintaining his staff camera ready appears to come naturally.
The country is grappling with life-or-death questions about how in order to structure our health care system, plus North Korea is threatening the nuclear attack. But never brain. The President or one of their aides is constantly conjuring outrageous twitter posts and claims that attract our own attention elsewhere — especially when the particular administration experiences an embarrassing failure.
Some of the diversions the particular administration creates are incredibly uncommon — as impolitic as it had been, Scaramucci’s vulgar interview with all the New Yorker, in which he utilized sexual imagery and said(hyperbolically) which he wanted to kill people, may well get into this category. But the underlying technique is as old as politics alone.
Two 1000 years ago, Roman emperors learned to maintain people well fed and interested with “bread and circuses” so that they wouldn’t interfere too much in public plan.
Today, the particular show being put on by the Trump administration threatens to make us overlook our civic duties, as well.

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As citizens of a democracy, it’s important that we not let yourself get drawn in by the show. We ought to react when statements like the ones from Scaramucci are inappropriate, but we all also need to keep asking questions regarding and responding to the administration’s plan positions on the important issues dealing with the country, like health care and nationwide security.
Scaramucci and Trump may be fixated about how the White House staff appears, but as citizens we need to maintain our focus on how our nation is looking.