The stunning difference between Trump’s reaction to the Las Vegas shooting and the NYC attack

(CNN) Upon October 1, a man shot plus killed 58 people at an outside concert in Las Vegas — the biggest mass murder in modern American background.

Upon October 4, in Las Vegas, Trump was again asked about possible legal action on guns. “We’re never going to talk about that today, ” he or she responded. “We won’t talk about that will. ”
Quick forward 30 days.

Upon October 31, an Uzbek man drives accommodations truck in a bike lane within New York City . He kills 8 people and injures a dozen a lot more.

Inside hours, Trump tweeted this : “In NYC, looks like another attack with a very sick and deranged individual. Law enforcement is following this closely. NOT REALLY IN THE U. S. A.! inch He followed up with a second twitter update last night : “We must not enable ISIS to return, or enter, the country after defeating them in the centre East and elsewhere. Enough! inch As well as a third : “I have simply ordered Homeland Security to step-up our already Extreme Vetting System. Being politically correct is fine, however, not for this! ”
On November 1 (aka today), Trump tweets again : “The terrorist came into our country through what exactly is called the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery System, ‘ a Chuck Schumer attractiveness. I want merit based. ” This individual adds in a subsequent tweet : “We are fighting hard for Value Based immigration, no more Democrat Lottery Systems. We must get MUCH harder (and smarter). @foxandfriends”
Prior to a meeting with his Cupboard Wednesday around noon — regarding 18 hours after the attack — Trump proposes action be taken within the diversity lottery program — the particular means by which the alleged attacker managed to get into the US.
“I am, today, starting the terminating the diversity lottery system, ” Trump said . “I am going to inquire Congress to immediately initiate function to get rid of this program, diversity lottery, variety lottery. Sounds nice, it is not wonderful, it is not good. It hasn’t been great and we have been against it. inch
How about what Trump uses to describe the males who perpetrated these attacks?
About the Las Vegas present shooter, Trump said this: “The cables were crossed pretty badly in the brain. Extremely badly in his mind. And it’s a very sad event. inch
Of the guy alleged to have committed the strike in NYC? “This animal which did the attacking. ”
Notice any distinction between the two responses? If you don’t, you might want to confirm that your spine is linked to your brain stem and/or your eye are working properly.
The disparity in Trump’s reactions is striking — and informing.
Trump loves you deeply about the threat posed by ISIS and international terrorism more commonly. He ran for president clearly on that message. He guaranteed he would be much smarter and far tougher in the fight against terrorism compared to President Barack Obama. That fireplace needed to be met with fire.
He echoed that will sentiment on Wednesday. “We require quick justice and we need solid justice, ” Trump said.
He is far less cartoon by gun control — or maybe the debate over the right regulations upon guns that happens (and then certainly disappears) in the wake of these ever-more-frequent mass shootings.
In the wake of the Las Vegas capturing, there appeared to be real momentum at the rear of a ban on bump stocks — the add-on the shooter utilized to turn a semi-automatic weapon directly into something like a fully automatic one.
“We’ll be looking straight into that in the next short period of time, inch Trump guaranteed on October 5 .
But , the legislative-driven prohibit on bump stocks remains mostly stalled in Congress as Republican leaders insist how the better course of action is for the Agency of Alcohol, Tobacco and Guns to handle the regulation change.
Trump hasn’t stated much of anything on bump stocks and shares since October 5.
The broader stage here: Trump is more than prepared to seize on tragic events whenever they confirm his previous political plus policy beliefs. He will effectively disregard them when they don’t.
It’s that simple.