Theater Plays ‘Fifty Shades’ Instead Of ‘Black Panther’ And It Didn’t Go Well

Dark Panther ” is bar-none the most anticipated movie of the calendar year. “ Fifty Shades Freed, ” meanwhile, is the most anticipated movie from the year with an ice cream sex picture, so make of that what you will.  

Moviegoers at Atlanta’ s Royal Atlantic Station were in for a bg surpise on Thursday night when the movie theater mistakenly played the final installment from the erotic drama franchise instead of the super-hero flick.  

Fans around the nation came out in droves for the Wonder movie’ s debut, with many dressing up in traditional African garb or even clothing inspired by the film’ ersus Afro-futurist aesthetic. “ Black Panther”   is  already breaking records , and it is predicted to have an enormous opening weekend break.  

Twitter user @ChefWaites had been apparently in the Atlanta theater in order to all went down, and live-tweeted their disappointment and the hilarious reaction in the crowd when the first thing they noticed was a wedding, not Wakanda.  

In a video he shared, market members can be heard yelling, booing and laughing at the screen, along with one person exclaiming, “ What are all of us doing? ”

The snafu has been corrected about five minutes into the last “ 50 Shades” film, based on people in the theater.  

Most of is right in the world again.  

Royal Cinemas did not immediately respond to HuffPost’ s request for comment.