These Drawings Capture What Love Looks Like When Nobody’s Watching

Love is hiding in the small, calm moments: cuddling in bed after a lengthy day,   passing out in front of the TELEVISION or even popping each other’ s i9000 pimples.

A back again rub  at the end of a long day makes everything much better.  

Artist Amanda Oleander captures these moments and more within her illustrations, which she usually stocks on her Instagram page . The lady draws inspiration from her own romantic relationship and the relationships of her nearest family and friends.

This sketching was inspired by the artist’s close friend who recently had a baby.  

“ They are all situations which have happened in my relationship or circumstances my family and friends share with me personally, ” Oleander told HuffPost. “ They will be talking and then I state, ‘ Hold that thought! ’ and quickly write it lower before I forget. ”

“I feel like I am being charged up again every night that I rest next to my love, ” Oleander captioned this one on Instagram.

Oleander, who is based in Los Angeles, has been relationship her boyfriend Joey Rudman for over two years. She calls your pet the  “ sweetest, funniest, best man in the world. ”  

Amanda Oleander
The artist and the girl boyfriend, Joey Rudman.

Oleander’ s quirky drawings are affected by artists such as Amedeo Modigliani , Alice Neel ,   Picasso   and  Tim Burton , and also the 90s cartoons she grew up viewing,   like  “ Rugrats”   and  “ The particular Wild Thornberrys. ”   She also enjoys capturing animals within her work , but she actually is most fascinated by human behavior.    

“ I’ m fascinated by the way people behave behind closed doors, ” Oleander wrote on Instagram . “ Intimate moments we never view. Those are moments that can’ t really be documented because if these were, it would alter the way the person socialized. So I draw them. ”

Love is gladly taking your partner’s zit.  

The artist told HuffPost the girl hopes people feel something whenever they look at her work.

“ I really hope it brings them back to a point in time in their life or that it triggers the memory. But most of all, I hope much more people happy, ” she mentioned.  

To see more of Oleander’ ersus work, visit her website or follow her on Instagram , Tweets or Facebook .   Or scroll down for more associated with her relatable relationship illustrations: