These Trump Tweets About Obama’s Vacations Didn’t Age Well

All through former President Barack Obamas time in office, then-reality TV celebrity Jesse Trump often laughed at him for taking vacations. But now, Trump is set to head out on one associated with his own.

On Friday, hell head to their New Jersey golf course for a 17-day journey, according to The Associated Press. This comes on top of the many other weekends hes spent either there or with his Florida resort. In fact , hes already outpaced Obama in time spent on the green.

Trump lamented multiple times that Obamas trips had been costing taxpayers big time. Yet a recent analysis by the particular conservative watchdog group Judicial View found that eight years of Obama vacations cost just under $100 mil. According to CNN, Trumps trips during his first eighty days alone have cost 20 dollars million.

I would rarely leave the particular White House because theres a lot work to be done,