This Inflatable Sleep Hoodie Is A Genius Way To Nap Anywhere

Master travelers know that the best type of nap often  does not   happen in a bed .  

Behold the Hypnos Sleep Hoodie , an inflatable sweatshirt that superbly turns any plane, train or even obnoxious airport terminal into a comfy-cozy sleeping station with just a few puffs of air flow :

Feeling weary on the road? Just blow in to the hood’s built-in tab .

You’ll start a tiny, inflatable pillow that changes this cozy-chic sweatshirt   to the secret napping zone every tourist craves. Ahh .


The Hypnos Sleep Hoodie is within the  last days of funding on Kickstarter :   A $49 pledge enables you to pre-order the Standard Pullover Hoodie , that will ship out in March.  

Speculate we’ll reluctantly nap on our  grimy jet pillows until after that.