This time capsule 1979 Pontiac Trans Am has been driven just 65 miles

Pontiac’s days of building excitement are gone, though they arguably faded in to the sunset long before the division has been axed in 2009. Yet, classic Pontiac cars still remind us from the days before General Motors provided “badge engineering” its blessing. The particular Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is just one example, but it is a strong tip that Pontiac meant business within the 1960s and ’70s.

  (RK Motors)

The lates 1970s Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was obviously a final holdout before new exhausts and fuel economy regulations significantly de-winged the Firebird in the eighties, and this example is one exceptionally uncommon bird. It’s currently for sale through RK Motors in Charlotte, New york, and it shows just 65 kilometers on its odometer. Yes, for some reason, after almost 40 years, this Firebird Trans Am has been driven just a couple times.

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The for sale listing says the vehicle features full documentation and almost everything is all original, including the 6. 6l V-8 engine, factory Starlight dark exterior color, WS6 suspension, plus 15-inch snowflake wheels. The car offers quite a story behind it, as well.

  (RK Motors)

William Leland III, the great-great nephew of Cadillac founder Holly Leland, ordered the 1979 Trans Am in 1978 after their father agreed to co-sign for the mortgage. When it arrived at the dealership, Leland wouldn’t allow the staff to complete any kind of regular prep jobs and required they did not install a front permit plate bracket. Interestingly enough, Leland never actually registered the Trans Am, but borrowed dealership discs if he needed to move this.

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Unfortunately, Leland passed away associated with cancer at the age of 42, so the lates 1970s Trans Am was placed straight into his father’s care. He privileged his son’s wishes and simply held the car in storage, only beginning it and shifting through the things periodically. Leland III drove the vehicle 46 miles in his entire life time. The other 19 came when their father transported the car to their home.

  (RK Motors)

And now, it seeks a brand new loving owner for a cool $159, 900. It’s a good bet there isn’t a more factory fresh Trans Am out there.