Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson ‘Keep Love Alive’ With Charming Throwback Anniversary Pic

Actors  Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary upon Monday with some then-and-now pics.  

Wilson tweeted:  

A short time later on, Hanks tweeted the same pic together with his own words of love:  

Hanks said in an interview a year ago that he was smitten from the start.  

“ I will say that right from the particular get-go, I thought there was something insane great about her, ” he or she told the Sooo Many Whitened Guys podcast. “ I fulfilled her and I thought ‘ Wow lord’… there’ s something cookin’ right here . ”

Wilson also appeared back on their relationship in a this year interview.  

“ I’ lmost all never forget, we were standing on the corner associated with 57th and 5th in Nyc, or 58th and 5th, ” she told CNN. “ I was holding hands and we were awaiting the traffic light to change. And looked at me and he said, ‘ You know, I just want you to understand, that you never have to change anything regarding who you are in order to be with me . ’ ”