Tomi Lahren Gets Owned By Genealogist After Her Remarks On Low-Skilled Immigrants

A genealogist took commentator  Tomi Lahren to task on Tweets after she made controversial responses about immigrants in this country. And he or she did so with Lahren’ s family history.

On Saturday, Lahren continued Fox News’ “ Watters’ World” to defend White House chief associated with staff John Kelly’ s comments on immigrants.   Kelly, previously Trump’ s homeland security admin, told  NPR last week   that undocumented immigrants are usually “ not people that would effortlessly assimilate into the United States into our own modern society. ”

Lahren went even more and told host Jesse Watters that people who don’ t talk English or who come from low income shouldn’ t be allowed to immigrate towards the United States.

“ These people need to realize that it’ s a privilege to become an American and it’ s the privilege that you work toward. It’ s not a right. You don’ t just come into this nation with low skills, low education and learning, not understanding the language and get our country because someone states it makes them feel nice, ” she said.

“ That’ h not what this country is founded on. We are based on the rule of legislation, and we believe in bringing the best individuals into this country to make it better yet. We don’ t believe in adding poverty. Trust me, I live in Ca. We have enough poverty. We have sufficient issues. We don’ t require any more. ”

The next day German reporter and genealogist Jennifer Mendelsohn messaged about Lahren’ s comments plus shared some telling details about Lahren’ s ancestry.

Mendelsohn tweeted that will, according to the 1930 census, the politics commentator’ s great-great-great-grandmother had been residing in the United States for 41 years plus was still speaking German.

Lahren’ s great-great-grandmother spoke no The english language after living in the United States for a 10 years, and her great-grandfather’ s 1884 baptism was recorded in Norwegian.

Mendelsohn later wrote in a series of twitter posts that “ people are people, and always have already been . ”

“ Some of our own ancestors broke laws, some had been model citizens. Some never merged or spoke English. Some do. Blind lionization of the people who emerged before us may be just as foolish as the wholesale demonization of present immigrants, ” she wrote.

The lady added, “ What I’ mirielle trying to show here is that these nativists can’ t keep trying to regress to something easier their argument by saying ‘ the country doesn’ t work this particular way’ when clearly it does, and it has: for their families. So why do they *really* not want these people here? That’ s what we need to seek out. ”

Mendelsohn’ s message is that Lahren shouldn’ t be embarrassed with her ancestors but should be aware of exactly where she came from before criticizing other people.

“ As long as people like Lahren continue to push a specious plan that suggests today’ s migrants are somehow wholly different from prior ones, I’ ll keep displaying just how alike they really are, ” wrote Mendelsohn .

Lahren did not immediately react to a request through Fox Information for comment and has not taken care of immediately Mendelsohn on social media.