Train carrying members of Congress — including House Speaker Paul Ryan — hits a truck

(CNN) The train carrying members of Our elected representatives — including House Speaker John Ryan — to their legislative escape in West Virginia hit a 52 pick up Wednesday, multiple sources told CNN.

Representative. John Faso, a New York Conservative, who was on the train that damaged, said he was able to see the vehicle that hit the train, which he was told that accidental injuries were expected from people within the truck, not train.
“There was (what) appears like a tractor trailer carrying garbage that was hit by the train, inch Faso, who said he is at the third car of the train, informed CNN.

“I think everyone on the train can be OK, ” Faso said. “I don’t know that for sure, it’s a lengthy train. But most of the concern is perfect for the people outside. ”

One GOP supply was unsure how many members associated with Congress were on the train or even how many people were injured, but mentioned there were injuries.
That source said associates “hit the deck. ”
Republican members associated with Congress were on their way for the retreat at The Greenbrier in White-colored Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, beginning Wednesday and ending Friday. Vice President Mike Pence, who was not really on the train, is scheduled approach members later Wednesday and Chief executive Donald Trump is scheduled to deal with the event tomorrow.
The train left through Union Station in Washington previously Wednesday.