Trevor Noah Rips Tucker Carlson For Saying Gun Protest Students Arent Citizens

Trevor Noah is furious with Sibel News host Tucker Carlson’ s take on the national school walkout in support of gun control.

Earlier within the week, Carlson asked why “ people who don’ t have the directly to buy guns have the right to create my gun laws. ”

“ They’ re not citizens, ” he added. “ They’ lso are children. They’ re not associated with 18. ”

On Thursday’ s i9000 broadcast of “ The Everyday Show, ” Noah took Carlson to task.

“ Wow, at this point American kids aren’ t also citizens? ” Noah asked. “ Get the fuck out of here guy. If kids are old sufficient to be shot, they’ re outdated enough to have an opinion about becoming shot. ”

Check out the video above.