Trump angers France and Britain with his NRA speech

(CNN) ALL OF US President Donald Trump took purpose at two of America’s nearest allies in a speech at the NRA convention, saying strict gun laws and regulations failed to prevent the 2015 terrorist assaults in Paris and highlighting the purported increase in knife violence working in london.

Italy was especially incensed after Trump, while speaking at the gun legal rights convention in Dallas on Fri, pointed his hand as if this were a gun while describing just how each of the victims in Paris has been fatally shot.
“They took their time plus gunned them down one by one — boom, come over here, boom, visit here, boom, ” he mentioned.

French foreign ministry issued a declaration Saturday after Trump’s comments.

“France communicates its firm disapproval of Chief executive Trump’s remarks… and calls for the particular respect of the memory of the sufferers, ” it said.
Francois Hollande, who had been the French President during the 2015 episodes, tweeted Saturday:
“Donald Trump’s shameful remarks plus obscene histrionics say a lot as to what he thinks of France as well as its values. The friendship between our own two peoples will not be tainted simply by disrespect and excessiveness. All my ideas go to the victims of November thirteen. ”

Trump: Armed Parisians might have stopped attack

Trump went on to say stuff might have been different had Parisians within the cafes under attack had been equipped.
“If a single employee or just one patron a new gun, or if one person on this room had been there with a weapon, aimed at the opposite direction, the terrorists would have fled or been chance. And it would have been a whole different story, inch Trump said.
The É lysé e structure responded to that comment by stating, “The free flow of hands within society does not constitute the shield against terrorist attacks. It could instead facilitate the planning of this kind of attack. ”
And the French ambassador to the United states of america, Gé rard Araud, tweeted: “The statistics of the people killed simply by guns don’t convince France to alter its guns laws. ”
‏ A group of regarding 10 men staged a series of coordinated assaults in Paris on November thirteen, 2015 , killing at least 140 people and wounding hundreds.
The attackers, using assault rifles and explosives, focused six locations across the city. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

President states Britain has knife problem

Trump furthermore compared an unnamed London medical center to a “war zone” in the NRA speech, saying that despite tough weapon laws in the United Kingdom, it has blood throughout the floors from victims of cutlery attacks.
“They don’t have guns. They have knives plus instead there’s blood all over the flooring of this hospital, ” Trump mentioned. “They say it’s as poor as a military war zone hospital… kitchen knives, knives, knives. London hasn’t been utilized to that. They’re getting used to that. Really pretty tough. ”
British officialdom did not test their limits. London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s workplace declined to comment to CNN following Trump’s remarks.
But former UNITED KINGDOM Cabinet minister Charlie Falconer messaged Saturday: “US murder rate more than 5 times higher than the Britian’s. There isn’t a person in the whole globe (with the possible exception from the President of the US, and he is probably lying) who believes the best way to reduce our murder rate would be to make it easier to get guns. inch
It’s not clear what hospital Trump was mentioning. But the BBC reported that a trauma doctor at the Royal London Hospital, Dr . Martin Griffiths, recently told the network that will his fellow doctors have in comparison it to an Afghan war zone.
Amid the rage over Trump’s comments, Griffiths messaged Saturday: “Happy to invite Mister Trump to my (prestigious) hospital to satisfy with our mayor and police office to discuss our successes in assault reduction in London. ”
Professor Karim Brohi, an injury surgeon at The Royal London Medical center and director of London’s Main Trauma System, also hit back again at Trump’s speech, saying within a statement that, “The Royal Greater london Hospital has cut the number of the young patients returning after more knife attacks from 45% in order to 1%. ”
Brohi said that while there is a lot more that can be done to combat knife episodes, gunshot wounds are “at minimum twice as lethal as knife accidents and more difficult to repair. ”
Trump plus British Prime Minister Theresa Might spoke by phone Saturday. Based on the White House, they discussed The far east trade, North Korea, Iran plus Trump’s upcoming visit to Britain. They have unknown whether they talked about Trump’s comments to the NRA.
Correction: A previous edition of this story misstated the source associated with France’s comments. The comments came from french foreign ministry. It also incorrectly mentioned when Charlie Falconer was a UNITED KINGDOM Cabinet minister. He served because Lord Chancellor from 2003 till 2007, and Secretary of Condition for Justice in 2007.