Trump Announces Support For Arming Teachers, Backpedals On Gun Purchase Age

The particular White House announced support Weekend for firearms training for some educators to protect schools,   and has supported off an earlier call by President  Donald Trump to raise the age individuals can buy assault-style weapons from 18 in order to 21.

The series of proposals generally along with line with what the National Rifle Association supports in the wake from the massacre last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that slain 17 people.

Trump on Monday early morning reiterated his proposals in a number of tweets.   He defended their plan to allow “ highly trained professional teachers” in schools, and stated “ armed guards [are] OK” and a “ prevention! ”

He punted the issue of increasing the minimum gun purchase age group to 21 to state lawmakers, declaring there is “ not much political assistance (to put it mildly). ”   The NRA opposes raising the particular purchase age.

The nation’ h largest teachers lobby, the Nationwide Education Association,   is adamantly opposed to Trump and the NRA’ t controversial initiative to arm educators. An armed teacher in Atlanta last month fired his hand gun after he barricaded himself in a high school class room , where he was eventually imprisoned by police. NRA CEO David LaPierre recommended arming teachers   inside a speech last month to the Conservative Political Activity Conference . The White Home plan would involve funding to give weapons training for teachers.

Trump’ s i9000 apparent reversal from proposing to boost the age young people can buy military assault-style weapons like the AR-15 that was utilized in the Parkland school shooting is really a startling turnaround. It comes just several weeks after he taunted legislators, saying they were “ scared of the NRA, ” whilst he was not. Trump specifically questioned Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa. ) if the senator had left increasing the minimum age for weapon purchases out of his bill conditioning background checks because senators “ fear so much the NRA. ”  

Final month, Trump said in a ending up in legislators:   “ Now, this is simply not a popular thing to say, in terms of the NRA. But I’ m saying this anyway. You can’ t purchase [a handgun until] until you’ re 21.   But you can purchase the kind of weapon used in the school capturing at 18.   I think it’ s something you have to think about. ”

On Friday, Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott — a in long run NRA member — signed legislation into law raising the minimum age for all gun purchase from eighteen to 21. But the NRA nearly immediately sued to block legislation and protect the “ constitutional rights ” of would-be gun buyers underneath the age of 21. The state’ s i9000 controversial “ guardian program” — opposed by the Florida Education Organization — will allow some school workers and teachers to carry handguns along with law enforcement training if a school region agrees to participate in the program.

The particular White House guns plan furthermore includes support for a bill, referred to as “ Fix NICS” measure, made to improve background checks for gun buys. But it does not contain  universal background checks,   which may be far more effective.  

“ Fix NICS” is really a bill sponsored by Sens. David Cornyn (R-Texas) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn. ) to bolster the particular National Instant Criminal Background Check System  (NICS) by improving the circulation of information into it from states plus various federal agencies. But the calculate is  far less committed than universal background record checks, which would include private sales, like those that often occur at weapon shows.

The particular White House announced that the leader is establishing a federal commission upon school safety, to be chaired simply by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, which will explore possible solutions to school shootings. It may consider the age young people can buy guns, the Washington Post documented Sunday . But nothing to in the current White House proposals deal with raising the minimum age designed for buyers.

DeVos called the proposals the “ pragmatic plan” to increase college safety, the Post reported.

A number of Democrats slammed the proposals.   “ This plan is weak upon security and an insult towards the victims of gun violence, ” Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa. ) said in a statement. “ With regards to keeping our families safe, it’ s clear that President Trump and Congressional Republicans are all speak and no action. ”

This post has been updated to include Trump’ ersus tweets.

Marina Fang contributed reporting.