Trump Attacks ‘Filthy’ Jay-Z, Is Quickly Called Out Over His Own Potty Mouth

Chief executive Donald Trump called out Jay-Z on Tuesday over language which the hip-hop star and businessman utilized during a 2016 performance at an occasion for presidential rival  Hillary Clinton .  

“ Their language was so filthy it made me like the most clean-cut human being on earth, ” Trump mentioned at a rally in Tennessee.  

Trump was apparently referring to a November. 4 rally held days before the election within Cleveland .

He said the only way Clinton was able to fill an arena had been to have Jay-Z perform.  

“ In addition, without any musical instruments, I had a lot bigger crowds than he has been drawing, ” the president mentioned, adding:

“ He’ d stand up before those packed areas and he’ d use the f-word, and Hillary would sit back ‘ I’ m in trouble, I’ meters in trouble, oy, please don’ to have him use that type of language anymore. ’ And then he’ d finish and everyone would certainly leave, and she’ d become standing up making a speech to four hundred people. ”

Experts took to social media to remind Trump of some of the things he’ s i9000 said: