Trump has ‘great love’ for Dreamers, but says he’ll put ‘hardworking citizens’ first

Chief executive Trump said Tuesday he has “ great love” for the so-called Dreamers affected by his administration’ s choice to end a program giving illegal migrants who came to the U. T. at a young age a reprieve through deportation.

But the president also stressed in a tweet shortly after he produced those comments that he wants congress to put the “ hardworking people of our country” first when making immigration legislation.

“I have a great coronary heart for these folks we’re talking about, ” Trump told reporters, when mentioned Tuesday’ s announcement to end the particular Deferred Action for Childhood Landings, or DACA, program.

The administration states then-President Obama didn’ t possess the authority to enact the plan in 2012. Trump is asking Our elected representatives to take up the issue.

“ I have a like for these people and hopefully at this point Congress will be able to help them is to do it properly, ” he mentioned.

Shortly after he made those feedback, at the beginning of a meeting at the White Home with top Republicans on taxes policy, the president tweeted which he wants any legislative fix in making citizens the priority.

“ I anticipate working w/ D’s + R’s in Congress to address immigration change in a way that puts hardworking citizens in our country 1st, ” the leader said.

Earlier Tuesday, the particular president portayed the approach since the least disruptive option.

“ This is a steady process, not a sudden phaseout, ” he said. “ Permits is not going to begin to expire for another six months, and can remain active for up to 24 months. Hence, in effect, I am not going to just reduce DACA off, but rather provide a occasion for Congress to finally respond. ”


But Democrats, such as Obama, have accused the leader of being “ cruel” with his statement.

“To target these young people is incorrect – because they have done nothing incorrect, ” Obama said in a declaration. “It is self-defeating – simply because they want to start new businesses, employees our labs, serve in our army, and otherwise contribute to the country we all love. And it is cruel. ”