Trump Just Launched The War On Christmas In May And People Are So Not Having It

President Jesse Trump opened a brand new front in the “ war upon Christmas ” by referencing the holiday throughout a rally in Indiana on Thursday night.  

Right after talking about borders plus declaring that “ we’ lso are finally putting America first, ” Trump took an unexpected verbal detour:

“ Please remember the last time I did this  ― and this started two and a half in years past when I just started  ― individuals were not saying ‘ merry Christmas’ anymore. The big store chains weren’ t saying ‘ merry Xmas, merry Christmas, ’ they weren’ t doing it. They weren’ to saying ‘ merry Christmas. ’ Now they’ re saying ’ merry Christmas’ again. ”  

Trump includes a history of riffing on Christmas on unusual times. He mentioned this at a White House prayer meeting simply last week , and last year he  referenced the “ war on Christmas” in This summer .    

The masses in Indiana roared with authorization, then Trump quickly shifted back again into  “ America first” setting with a line about cracking upon unfair trade.   But upon social media, people were checking their calendars ― and some put Trump in the naughty list for his out-of-season shoutout: