Trump signs $15 billion Harvey relief, debt ceiling package

Leader Trump on Friday signed the $15 billion Hurricane Harvey reduction bill that includes a short-term suspension from the debt ceiling and funding to help keep the government running for the next 3 months.

Earlier Friday, the package transferred in the House of Repreentatives by a 316-90 vote, with all opposing votes originating from Republicans.

Congress moved with uncharacteristic rate on the bill to avert various looming crises – the prospect associated with not only triggering a government shutdown, but hitting the debt limit since the federal government burns through cash it requires to respond to both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma which is barreling into Florida.

The $15. 25 billion dollars package represents an initial payment since Texas recovers from its devastating tornado and residents across the southeast support for impact from Irma – a storm sure to require great more from the federal government.

Separately, the bundle includes money to fund the government by means of Dec. 8, while suspending your debt ceiling through that same time period. The package was the product of the stunning deal earlier this week among President Trump and congressional Democratic leaders that angered many GOP lawmakers.

Leaders like House Speaker John Ryan, R-Wis., had wanted to hit a longer-term deal – rather, the short-term arrangement virtually ensures a showdown in December. Some very conservative, meanwhile, were angry about affixing any debt-ceiling increase that doesn’ t include spending reductions.  

Every 17 senators who opposed the particular bill in the Senate a day previously were Republicans, just like on the Home side Friday.