Trump silent as questions remain over deadly Niger ambush

(CNN) Upon Saturday October 7, the day your body of 25-year-old Army Sgt. Una David Johnson was returned in order to Dover Air Force Base right after he was killed in an ISIS ambush in Niger, President Jesse Trump was golfing. It’s not recognized if the President ever planned to go to the return of remains wedding ceremony at Dover as he has during the past. But since the ambush on October 4 within Niger , he has not left a comment publicly on the deadliest combat event involving US troops since this individual took office.

White House Push Secretary Sarah Sanders did tackle the deaths on October five, saying “our thoughts and praying are with the families and buddies of the fallen service members who also made the ultimate sacrifice in the protection of the freedoms we hold therefore dear. ”
The Pentagon has not offered a detailed accounting of the ambush simply by 50 ISIS affiliated fighters which usually left four US soldiers deceased and two wounded and has mentioned the incident remains under analysis. But CNN has talked to half a dozen ALL OF US officials who explain details of the chaos and misunderstandings which led to the troops getting left on the ground for nearly an hour prior to help could get to the remote part of southwestern Niger where they were working. In addition , officials still do not understand how Johnson became separated from the celebration only for his body to be retrieved nearly 48 hours later.

The army identified another soldiers killed as Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, and Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, and Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson.
Officials said the 12 guy Green Beret-led team had simply completed a meeting with local commanders and were walking back to their particular unarmored pick-up trucks when the unpredicted ambush resulted in a firefight that will lasted 30 minutes until French Mirage jets arrived overhead to take a flight low passes in an attempt to disperse the particular attackers.

The attackers had skyrocket propelled grenades and machine weapons, while the US troops were equipped only with rifles and had been in unarmored trucks according to authorities. It had been considered ‘unlikely’ they would come across opposition and initial reports becoming reviewed indicate some locals in the region may have known an attack was prepared, two officials said.
The failure to foresee an attack and the fact there were simply no US rescue and recover property close by meant nearly an hour passed before the evacuation of the two injured and three dead US soldiers by French Super Puma helicopters could be completed.
Defense Secretary James Mattis said the rescue was well-timed stating: “I completely reject the concept that was slow. ” But he or she did say an investigation will see whether changes are needed. “We will look with this and say was there some thing we have to adapt to now? Should we’ve been in a better stance. ”
One indication showing how unexpected the attack was: the device in Niger “had actually completed 29 patrols without contact within the previous six months, ” Joint Staff members Director Lt. Gen. Kenneth Farreneheit. McKenzie Jr. told reporters.
Officials who may have read the initial after-action reports state there was confusion and uncertainty on a lawn after what was a completely unexpected strike. The team was particularly susceptible because it was in two separate places when the attack began. Some had been walking back from a meeting with nearby villagers. Others were waiting outdoors, guarding the vehicles that the ALL OF US troops were using.
While French helicopters could get the team to safety, the particular critical failure to find Johnson another 48 hours has not been explained. Their body was eventually found in the nearby area, but military researchers do not know why he was left out during the French led evacuation and when he was alive even in a short time, US officials tell CNN.
Military officials possess acknowledged that the incident is below investigation and that security procedures pertaining to teams operating in Africa are usually in the process of being reviewed. But it is unclear if Trump will choose to consider in on the failings that resulted in the deadliest combat incident associated with his presidency so far.