Trump wants Secretary of State Tillerson to be ‘a little bit tougher’

President Trump on Saturday denied a frayed relationship with Secretary of Condition Rex Tillerson but said he or she sometimes wishes the country’ h top diplomat would be “ harder. ”

“ We have a very good romantic relationship, ” Trump told reporters prior to he left for a trip to New york on Saturday evening. “ We all disagree on a couple of things. Occasionally I’d like him to be a little bit harder. But other than that, we have a very good connection. ”

The president also denied the NBC News report this week having said that Tillerson, frustrated with the job, had been considering resigning and had called the leader a “ moron. ”

“ Which was fake news, ” Trump mentioned. “ That was fake news simply by NBC. ”


Speaking outside the White-colored House, the president weighed within on the sexual harassment scandal including Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein, among reports the Democratic donor satisfied sexual harassment lawsuits with a quantity of women over the years.

“ I’ve known Harvey Weinstein for a long time, ” the chief executive said. “ I’ m certainly not surprised to see it. ”

Trump spoke in order to reporters before he left for the trip to North Carolina on Saturday night.   (AP)

Trump also emphasized his assistance for his chief of employees John Kelly, saying he expectations he will stay in the role all through his entire administration.

“ John Kelly is one of the best people I’ve actually worked with, ” he said. “ He’s doing an incredible job and told me for the last two months, he enjoys it more than anything he’s actually done. He’s a military guy. But he loves doing this, that is chief of staff, more than anything at all he’s ever done. He’s carrying out a great job. He will be here in my opinion, for the whole seven remaining years. ”