Trump’s Call For A ‘Space Force’ Makes Him The Laughingstock Of The Galaxy

President Jesse Trump   thinks america should launch a “ Room Force, ” a branch from the military devoted to wars in space .  

“ Space is a war-fighting website, just like the land, air and ocean, ” Trump said on Wednesday at the Marine Corps Air Place Miramar. “ We may even have a Space Force , develop another one, Space Force. We now have the Air Force, we’ ll possess the Space Force. ”

At first, Trump said he wasn’ t seriously interested in the notion.

“ Then I said, ‘ What a great idea! ’ Maybe we’ ll have to do that, ’ ” Trump said. “ So consider that: Space Force, because we have been spending a lot and we have a wide range of private money coming in, tremendous. ”

He also described the Oughout. S. military as “ crucial to ensuring America continues to lead the way in which into the stars. ”

For the second, however , his idea for a Area Force led to much laughter upon Twitter: