Twitter Slams Ivanka Trump After She Thanks Dad For Ending Policy He Created

Since President  Donald Trump has signed an  executive order to prevent family separations   by way of a massive expansion of detention associated with kids and parents, his girl Ivanka Trump is finally activities on the scandal.

But , naturally, it’ s i9000 to praise her dad instead of bury him for a problem this individual created.

Ivanka Trump, a senior White-colored House adviser, has been noticeably noiseless about the separation of families across the U. S. -Mexico border, even though she was reportedly urging her dad to finish the practice .

After Trump agreed upon the order Wednesday, his girl wrote a tweet thanking your pet for it.

Since might be expected, many people on Tweets had problems with her post.

Other people had questions. Pointed questions.

Some people had suggestions.

Finally, Bravo talk show web host Andy Cohen offered a little recommendation.