Vauxhall chief warns over Brexit

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Media caption Vauxhall boss warns of Brexit danger to Ellesmere Port

Your head of Vauxhall has said lack of clearness over Brexit threatens the future of the Ellesmere Port operation.

Carlos Tavares, chief executive of PSA, which owns Vauxhall, Peugeot plus Citroen, said clarity over the the UK’s departure was “a huge concern”.

He or she told the BBC that doubt undermined Ellesmere Port’s chances of obtaining more work after 2021.

“We cannot invest in a planet of uncertainty, ” he mentioned.

He added: “No one is going to make huge investments not knowing what will be the final competitiveness from the Brexit outcome. ”

Speaking to the BBC at the Geneva Motor Show, Mr Tavares mentioned the decision on whether or not to give Ellesmere more work would need to be taken “very soon”.

The general admin of the Unite union, Len McCluskey, said: “Of course, the government placement on Brexit is creating uncertainness for major manufacturing companies but this would not be used by Mr Tavares to boost the fear of closure of Ellesmere Port.

“The UNITED KINGDOM market is vitally important to Peugeot and if he wants to protect that will market share he should openly invest in new models in both Ellesmere Slot and Luton.

“Our Vauxhall plants are among the most successful in the PSA family, and the items our members make are one of the most popular vehicles in the country. ”

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Mr Tavares mentioned: “I would like to praise our UNITED KINGDOM people in terms of their efficiency, yet at the same time we need clarity.

“This is not a problem for the PSA Group, this is a problem for the whole UNITED KINGDOM automotive industry. ”

PSA said last year it was committed to maintain making the Astra at Ellesmere Port, but it has also said that production costs at Ellesmere are more than other plants it owns.

However , it said this particular month that it was cutting another two hundred fifity jobs at Ellesmere Port along with 400 cuts it announced within October.

Vauxhall utilizes about 4, 500 people in the united kingdom, with about 1, 800 on Ellesmere Port. The company also has the factory at Luton, which makes vehicles.

In August this past year, PSA became Europe’s second-biggest carmaker, after Volkswagen, when it completed the particular purchase of Vauxhall and German born brand Opel from General Engines.