Vermont teacher fired after leading third graders in Nazi salute

An experienced Vermont teacher was axed right after she was caught instructing the class of third graders means give the Nazi salute.

The replace teacher had the children perform the particular stiff-arm gesture as they were strolling to the cafeteria Thursday at Atlanta Elementary School, accoriding to a review.

“The children were standing with their adjustable rate mortgage out in front of them and the instructor was modeling the position, ” Region Superintendent Ned Kirsch told moms and dads, according to the Vermont publication Seven Days . “She then raised her arm somewhat and said, ‘And now all of us say, Heil Hitler. ‘” 

“I’m at a loss on the whole point, ” Kirsch told  the document Friday. “People are shocked. Individuals I’ve spoken to are at the loss for words. ”

The instructor admitted saying Heil Hitler plus demonstrating the gesture, the document reported.

Her name wasn’ t launched. She has taught as a substitute teacher in the school for years.

“It’s  not a pattern, ” Kirsch told Seven Days. “[I] never had a report regarding her, nothing. No one can quite determine what happened. ”