Video of Penn State fraternity incident was deleted, officer testifies

(CNN) Prosecutors say surveillance video was removed from the basement of the house where there is a saying Penn State’s Beta Theta Professional indemnity pledges were forced to drink alcohol to get a hazing ritual, and more charges are actually imminent against at least one of the fraternity brothers already facing multiple matters in the hazing death of 19-year-old sophomore Tim Piazza.

Scicchitano testified he or she now believes that video just before 10 a. m. February six was deleted.
Prosecutor Stacy Parks Burns later told reporters that fees are “imminent” but that the analysis is ongoing. As soon as they have sufficient to charge, they will do so, Recreational areas Miller said.

Eighteen fraternity brothers, plus the fraternity itself, have been charged in connection with Piazza’s death. A grand jury found that this brothers put Piazza and other promises through a hazing ritual called “the gauntlet, ” where they were required to go through an obstacle course of beer vodka, beer and wine night dangerous amounts in a short period. All of them fighting the charges. Beta Theta Professional indemnity International Fraternity has described its allegations as “incredibly disheartening. micron

Surveillance video recovered from the firstly floor and shown in the court in June shows Piazza stuttering and staggering after the gauntlet. Droped straight disappears near the basement steps, it is later seen being carried subconscious by fraternity brothers to a lounger.
In some point, he wakes, but struggles all day long on the tape, repeatedly falling before getting to disappearing again near the basement things. Prosecutors say he was ashen and as well stiff by the time fraternity brothers labelled police, more than 12 hours after the length of his first fall. He died over injuries to his head and even spleen.
Television set Leahey, attorney for Beta Theta Pi, said the defense has never received the full surveillance video, except portions of it, and he wants an absolute forensic analysis of it.
“The prosecution has been reduced to share the video, ” Leahey referred to. “To my knowledge, there is no remaindings any video deletions. ”
Piazza family legal Tom Kline said the new sworn evidence was shocking to the family.
“There is not any better way to describe the existence of videotape of that basement other than the word astonishing, ” he said. “It is truly a fact that I don’t think any of the is the most effective lawyers thought was ever joining surface. ”
Thursday’s hearing focused on the being the, with attorneys for many of the individuals pushing back on the prosecution’s process of what happened.
Theodore Simon, attorney realizing of the fraternity members, argued truth brothers could not have known Poste was so badly injured. Simon, ?n the course of cross examination, referenced parts of these surveillance tape in which, he had said, Piazza does seem to walk suspended without stumbling. He argued which is Piazza looked intoxicated, but was “cognitively functional. ”
Simon and other attorneys also circulated back on the prosecution theory that will Piazza was forced to participate in a gauntlet.
Attorney Marc Neff, said her or his client, and other brothers who you should never drink alcohol, were previously admitted into fraternity without having to participate in the gauntlet.
Several shield attorneys also disagreed with the ordinaire nature of the charges, arguing not everyone was there for each event.
Kline replied, saying, “They planned a hazing event. They acknowledged there was a suitable hazing event in text messages wedding reception fact. And in between they made a hazing plot and they was responsible for injury and death. That’s solutions all of the facts collectively show on this website. You can parse out individual impact but you can’t get away from the commune picture. ”
The hearing got contentious, by means of defense attorneys 16 of them are for court together, because two of an defendants waived their right to the type of hearing calling objections on one a new. Parks Miller also accused Bob of disrespect, yelling at men to “show some respect” when it comes to Piazza’s family, seated in the ligne row of the court.
At one tip Parks Miller accused Simon ture of “acting like there is no judge to these questions. ”
Unquestionably the hearing is expected to continue Week, with a judge possibly ruling in the long run.