Viral Photo Of Joe Biden’s Chat With A Homeless Man Is Melting Frozen Hearts

Joe Biden may have been a meme machine during his eight years since vice president under Barack Obama , yet a new image of him is going virus-like for an entirely different reason.

Caleb Baca photographed Biden speaking to the homeless person outside of a Washington-area movie theater last week.

The image went virus-like after being shared on Fb by D. C.   business person Paul Equale.

“ Character is all about what you are when no one is watching , ” Equale wrote:  

“ I’ m not exactly sure exactly what he gave the homeless guy, yet he appeared to write something upon a piece of paper inside the movie theatre, which he then proceeded to give the destitute man outside, ” Baca informed FOX 5 in Washington.

The drew widespread praise on Tweets for Biden, who is reportedly taking into consideration a 2020 presidential run :