Want to Stay Safe While Traveling? Wear a Rolex

Manager and conservationist Philippe Cousteau is going to be grandson of ocean-mapping legend Jacques. Co-founder of EarthEcho International, some kind of environmental nonprofit aimed at inspiring teens to work on sustainability, he rides the world filming documentaries from Sumatra to South  Africa.

On Cousteau’ s latest show, each of our Travel Channel’ s ,   this guy and his wife— former host Ashlan Cousteau— investigate stories of gone plunder across the Caribbean.

He travels about 210, 000 miles a year, usually on to United Airlines. “ I buy Economy Plus for up to half a dozen everyone traveling with me automatically, if they’ re on the same ticket, ” he admits that.   “ So everyone become Economy Plus, and I don’ testosterone have to pay extra for it. I’ michael 6' 4", so the extra room for leg makes a big difference. ”

Each couple live  in Los Angeles.

The item he won’ about travel without might surprise person

I love food, and all the places I travel … well … the food is not typically the best.   So  I like to pack up a small camping container of deserving of and pepper. I was 17 yrs . old and studying for a month on summer in Spain, and  one of the things these don’ t excel at  there  is the pepper you get in restaurants— it’ s really dusty as tasteless. So I went and obtained a little cracked pepper thing to take with me. And in a lot of places acquired just not very good salt, either. I actually don’ t eat seafood, the case Spain was always difficult in my position, because it’ s basically are fond of, “ Tortilla? Tortilla? Tortilla? Little torta? Tortilla? ” [One of Spain’s signature dishes is , a simple potato omelette.]  Over  and over and over and over. Totally having a nice dash of remarkable salt and pepper on top just completed it different enough. Since then, I’ ve got a little [spice] kit I take all over this country with me: a small, zippered camping tote filled with little Nalgene bottles. To look at was filming in Mozambique employing the BBC, we were in a tiny city for several days, and all there was to chow down was rice  and coconut. In addition I had the foresight to bring slightly wasabi powder, which doesn’ to go bad— you just mix the particular with a little bit of water and fire up it in. It made a big difference.  

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On dangerous areas, he relies on neat watches 

I was acting on a project in Singapore, and beneficial ex-[Special Air Service] soldier informed me to always wear a nice examine: Don’ t flaunt it, but they have it with you.   He had a metal Rolex and wore it around the world.   He told me that no matter exactly where you  travel, a good watch— similar to a Rolex— is like currency and is a project you can always use to barter  to get your presentation out of trouble.   You always have been told “ never have anything nice towards expedition, ” but that soldier’ s advice was smart and in addition practical so I always wear some sort of “ tradable”   watch that can assist get me out of a reduce.  

A good charger might be priced at more than gold

It’s my job to plan for the worst, so I make sure you take a battery charger from MyCharge .   It’ s the best one I’ empieza found, and I’ ve been subject to a lot of ’ em. It’ lmost all charge a tablet and a get in touch with a couple of times, and it plugs straight into the most important wall, so you can use it as a embater in your hotel room. It’ s a suitable battery and plug, all in one.

How to live like a five-star traveler with just a minor fib

I’ m picky about food. Right after i go somewhere, I have some stress and anxiety until I know there’ s on internet land I can get a decent meal. Thus do a lot of research, but My spouse sometimes also employ a cheeky deceive. Find a nice hotel, even if you’ re not staying in one. Those concierge there will usually be once again helpful and knowledgeable. Say, “ I’ ve just checked out, I’ m leaving. I’ m see the airport, and I’ d to be a nice last meal. What do the customer recommend? ”   One of the best nutrition I’ ve ever had was in Holland, on a 12-hour layover on my way to finally Mozambique. I didn’ t are blessed with anywhere to stay, so I wandered in and into a five-star hotel. Our still have the restaurant the consignataire recommended in the contacts in my phone or on our website as “ amazing restaurant to Frankfurt. ”

Why you should ask to use the bathroom any restaurant, even if you don’ t are trying to use it

I start looking at menus in restaurants. A red rag for me is an enormous menu— it’ s jack of all trades, lord of none. You can’ g be good at a hundred different things, when it’ s a really long menu— 25 entrees or something— We all avoid it. Especially in countries just that don’ t necessarily have the necessary sanitation standards we employ on this iste, there’ s another trick if you have whatever doubts about eating somewhere. Tell to use the bathroom first. You can see recommendations clean that is, but you can usually bring a peak around the corner into the kitchen to verify that the floor looks clean.

Masks from Papua Young Guinea.
Photographer: Danita Delimont, /Gallo Shots

What sort of life-changing experience at age 16 pre lit christmas him to a souvenir-buying tradition

I was in Papua Very new Guinea when I was 16 years of age, working with a woman called Dr . Eugenie Clark on an expedition; she was obviously a shark expert. We were on the southeastern part of the country, out on a little immerse themselves boat doing research all day, fishing in shallow water. It was a brilliant experience that really allowed me for connecting with my grandfather’ s musical legacy. Then I got into [the capital] Port Moresby, which was an extremely unpleasant city where you’ re remember not to supposed to leave your hotel unescorted. But I was 16, and what 16-year-old doesn’ t make poor decision? So I go  for a walk, and the type of gigs they get three guys start chasing to me.   They were called rascals, along with notorious for killing you previous mugging you. I honestly discovered my life flashing before my eyes. We was  like, “ I’ n gonna die a virgin. That is going to not be good. ”   However I ran into three police officers [who saved my life]. After that, I entered the highlands of New Guinea, with a few local indigenous tribes, and I did find a mask they’ d carved found a little shop. I thought, This is a life changing experience. I’ m going to fully grasp this mask as a memento.   Best indigenous cultures will have a growing culture of masks, so ever since then  I’ ve looked for those as soon as i travel. We have a wall of apartment with them all hung up.   I write on the back of each one of these what year it was  & where it was from.