Wild Recount Costs GOP Control Of Virginia House Of Delegates After Nearly 2 Decades

After a tense recount in a single competition on Tuesday, Republicans looked started lose their 17-year hold on Virginia’ s House of Delegates plus enter an unpredictable new period of shared power with Democrats.

The recount shows Democratic applicant Shelly Simonds  forward by one vote   against Republican incumbent David Yancey in the state’ s District 94, the Virginian Pilot reports. Political election officials in Newport News evaluated nearly 24, 000 ballots upon Tuesday.

Officially the results still have to become finalized by the Newport News Signal Court on Wednesday, the Va House Democratic Caucus said in the statement on Tuesday. But there was no challenged ballots, the congress noted, and the Newport News Plank of Elections has announced the particular one-vote victory.

With Simonds’ earn, the House of Delegates will change from a 51-49 Republican majority to some 50-50 split,   which means Conservatives and Democrats must share strength. It will be  the very first time in nearly two decades   that the GOP doesn’ t manage the state’ s lower legal chamber.

That 51-49 split had been a dramatic narrowing of the GOP’ s margin.   Before the November. 7 elections,   Republicans had held the 66-34 majority   in the House.  

Julia Rendleman/The Washington Submit via Getty Images
Republican David Yancey and Liberal Shelly Simonds both attended the “Take Your Legislator to College Day” at a local high school upon Nov. 28, three weeks following the election.

People following the outrageous recount on Tuesday remarked upon Twitter that the one-vote victory was obviously a stark reminder that every single election counts.

Local reporters in Va tweeted the recount minute simply by minute, as the tallies rolled within and the Republicans’ majority seemed increasingly more likely to topple.

Virginia Democrats had  filed for recounts in four tight races within November ,   including difficult to what appeared to be Yancey’ s earn by a mere 10 votes, The particular Washington Post reported.

In  another contested competition   ― in which His party Bob Thomas seems to have defeated Liberal Joshua Cole by a margin associated with 82 votes ― state authorities said some voters received the wrong ballots . If the  upcoming recount   for that contest  would go to Cole , Democrats could earn majority control of the House of Delegates.

Last month’ s elections ushered in a series of historic wins meant for Democrats across the country, including Virginia choosing its  first openly transgender state legislator ,   Democrat Danica Roem.

“ This is the 16th seat turned from red to blue within the Virginia House this year, ” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement  on Tuesday   night, adding. “ Simply put, every election counts. ”  

Samuel Levine contributed reporting.