Woman, 94, fighting city to keep her ‘Impeach President Trump Now’ sign

The 94-year-old Illinois woman who wants to “ Impeach President Trump Now”, based on a large sign on her front yard, is now fighting the city she comes from to keep her message up.

Elgin resident Myra Becker said he or she put the anti-Trump sign up in Feb and had no complaints until the city code officer stopped simply by this week to tell her to take this down – or face the written violation and $50 great.

“ I can’ t march any longer and I’ m not excellent at protests because it’ s i9000 cold and chilly and turbulent, and I’ m on a master that doesn’ t make it excellent, but I can put up a sign, ” Becker  informed Fox 32 Chicago .

The city states the message on the sign is not really the issue – it’ s the scale. A spokeswoman  told the Chicago Daily Herald   they received the call from a resident asking in the event that Becker’ s sign is permitted by code, and after investigating, motivated that it is around 11 sq . foot in size, much bigger than the city’ s 3 sq . ft. restrict.

“ I actually didn’t think about the code. I should have got, but I didn’t, ” Becker said. “ I’ m likely to try to figure out how we can make it comply with the requirements and we will see how that works out there. ”

Becker added a sign company will be visiting Wednesday to see if they could make the sign smaller.

A self-described long term Democrat, Becker says she has identified for some on the other side of the aisle, although not a fan of Trump or some associates of Congress.

“ I think the His party Congress people are wimps. I guess, no matter what word may be better, you use your own judgement, ” she said  in an interview along with WGN .

However , not everyone who have lives around Becker agrees with the particular sign’ s message.

“ If you reside in this country how can you be anti-president? ” one of her neighbors, Honest Shields, told the station. “ The man has done wonders for this nation in spite of half thinking he did not. ”