Woman Sneaks In Anti-Ted Cruz Message During Photo With Ted Cruz

On Saturday, a Twitter consumer going by the name  “ Sukie, ” using the handle @FroggyBottomPnd , posted a photograph of a young woman standing together with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R).

As Cruz likely didn’ to know, the young woman had opened the girl jacket just before the photo has been taken, revealing a small sign on the lanyard reading, “ Texas should get better than Cruz! ”

Twitter user @LazyyMillennial   and Austin resident Rebecca identifies herself as the young girl in the photo. The picture, the girl says in her feed, has been taken at the airport after a air travel from Washington, D. C., in order to Texas.

Here is her original twitter update: “ Got to meet someone who apparently represents me today. Not designed for much longer, though!   # BetoForTexas . ”

Cruz, the failed 2016 GOP presidential applicant, is up for re-election in Nov, facing Democratic Rep. Beto O’ Rourke. O’ Rourke has a difficult road ahead of him, but he or she did increase more money than Cruz in the 1st six weeks of the year .

This story has been updated along with the  @LazyyMillennial’ s Twitter blog post.