Woman Who Landed Damaged Southwest Jet Was One Of Navys First Female Fighter Pilots

(Reuters) – The pilot who seem to safely got a stricken Southwest Airlines trip on Tuesday obtained her first flying experience within the U. S. Navy, touching straight down F-18 fighter jets at a hundred and fifty miles per hour on aircraft companies.

Tammie Jo Shults, 56, might have drawn on her Navy skills whenever one of the two engines on her Boeing 737-700 blew and broke aside at 32, 000 feet upon Tuesday, forcing her to carry out a rapid descent toward Philadelphia Airport terminal.

The explosion killed one traveler.

One of the first female fighter pilots within the U. S. Navy, Shults steadly told air traffic control that will part of her plane was lacking, and she would need ambulances on the catwalk.

“ So we have a part of the plane missing so we’ re want to slow down a bit, ” Shults informed a controller.

Many of the 144 travellers sang her praise on social media marketing after Shults thanked them for his or her bravery as they left the plane.

“ The pilot Tammy Jo had been so amazing! She landed all of us safely in Philly, ” stated Amanda Bourman on Instagram.

People identified Shults as the pilot. South west Airlines declined to name the team of flight 1380 and Shults was not immediately available for comment.

Professionals said the crew did the actual were trained to do.

“ They’ re in the simulator and exercise emergency descents.. and losing a good engine… They did the job that will professional airline pilots are conditioned to do, ” National Transportation Protection Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt informed reporters.


Shults might not have become a pilot if she has not been so determined to fly from a early age.

She is quoted on fighter aircraft blog F-16. net saying the girl tried to attend an aviation profession day at high school but was told they will did not accept girls.

A indigenous of New Mexico, she never dropped the urge to fly and, right after studying medicine in Kansas, put on the Air Force. It would not allow her take the test to become a initial, but the U. S. Navy do.

She was one of the first female F-18 pilots and became an instructor just before she left the Navy within 1993 and joined Southwest, based on the blog.

A Christian, who is wedded to a fellow pilot and has 2 children, Shults said that sitting within the captain’ s chair gave the girl “ the opportunity to witness for Christ on almost every flight. ”

Bourman was among passengers who stated they had been saved by work intervention.

“ God sent their angels to watch over us, ” she said.