13 Years After Screaming Her Name, Steve Carell Met Kelly Clarkson

As the 75th Golden Globe Awards ceremony transitioned to a commercial break Sunday night, the camera cut to an animated conversation between “Battle of the Sexes” actor Steve Carell and “Love So Soft” singer Kelly Clarkson. It was a moment 13 years in the making.

The two had never met before, even after Carell memorably screamed Clarkson’s name amid a string of expletives on-screen.

In 2005, Carell had a star-making turn in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” During a scene in which his character receives a painful chest wax, he shouts the “American Idol” winner’s name.

The scene may have been comedic gold, but it didn’t bring Carell and Clarkson together ― until now. 

Carell tweeted a photo of the pair at the Golden Globes, summing up the meeting in a single word: “Finally.”

Clarkson was effusive in her response, writing, “One of my favorite moments of my life!”

Last November, Clarkson said she felt cheated in the aftermath of that “40-Year-Old Virgin” scene “because I’ve never met him and I’m a huge fan.”

“I have yet to meet Steve Carell,” she told “Today Sunday.” “And I want to be like, ‘So, was it a compliment?’”

“It was pretty hilarious,” she added.

Fans of the pair shared their excitement over the meet-up on Twitter.

Thank you, Steve Carell and Kelly Clarkson, for making our “40-Year-Old Virgin” dreams come true.