An Illinois town just banned assault weapons. The penalty if you keep one? Up to $1,000 a day

(CNN) The particular village of Deerfield in north Illinois has passed a ban upon assault weapons, but it affects a lot more than sales and manufacturing.

The Village wants a ‘sense of safety’

Based on the ordinance , which the the Town Board of Trustees unanimously accepted Monday night, it is unlawful for the person “to carry, keep, tolerate, transport or possess an attack weapon in the Village, ” unless of course the weapon is “broken straight down in a non-functioning state, ” is certainly “not immediately accessible to any individual, ” or is “unloaded plus enclosed in a case, firearm having box, shipping box, or some other container by a person who has been released a currently valid Firearm User’s Identification Card. ”

Law enforcement officers, current plus retired, are exempted.

The ordinance can make specific reference to recent mass shootings in Parkland, Florida; Las Vegas; plus Sutherland Springs, Texas. “Assault weaponry have been increasingly used in an startling number of notorious mass shooting situations at public places, public locations, places of worship and areas of public accommodation, ” the particular ordinance reads.

    “I bought an AR-15 in seven minutes”

The authors of the laws claim the law “may increase the public’s sense of safety… not stand potential objections regarding the availability of choice weaponry or the enforceability of such a prohibit. ”
CNN has reached out to Deerfield’s Administration Analyst for comment.

Gun recommends call it ‘draconian’

Objections, as you might visualize, have come in spades. On Thursday night morning the Illinois State Gun Association announced that they and the 2nd Amendment Foundation had jointly submitted a lawsuit against the Village of Deerfield.
“They are blatantly violating state legislation and they are violating the Second Amendment, inch says Richard Pearson, executive movie director of the Illinois State Rifle Association . He told CNN the ISRA has been receiving waves of phone calls from people upset over the prohibit and is confident the ISRA’s lawful challenge will prevail.
“The penalties are simply draconian, ” he says. “A man — or a lady — the master of a large-capacity magazine or everything like that could owe thousands of dollars, and when they cross the thin, nearly invisible line between municipalities, they may be considered a criminal. ”
The NRA is supporting a similar lawsuit submitted by the gun advocacy group Weapons Save Life.
“Every law-abiding villager associated with Deerfield has the right to protect on their own, their homes, and their loved ones using the firearm that best suits their own needs, ” Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s lobbying arm, said in a statement.
CNN provides reached out to the NRA for further opinion.

    GOP lawmaker: Several colleagues open to AR-15 ban

The way the ordinance defines a problematic phrase

Of course , the term “assault weapon” is within and of itself highly contentious, with no discussion of such a ban would be comprehensive without some clarification.
Since the expiration from the Federal Assault Weapons Ban within 2004, there hasn’t been any recognized definition for the term. It is often terminated by gun-rights advocates for its imprecision in describing what, exactly, a good assault weapon is or basically.
A typical NRA talking point states that the assault weapon should be defined as “any weapon used in an assault, inch whether it be a gun, a knife, or else.
Deerfield’s code sets its own extensive definition of the phrase. In short, its version of an attack weapon is “a semiautomatic gun that has the capacity to accept a large capability magazine, detachable or otherwise. ” Additional aspects, including rifle additions plus types of magazines.
As defined by the town, the term also includes semiautomatic pistols, semiautomatic shotguns, conversion kits plus “any shotgun with a revolving canister. ”
The ban also provides an open-ended list of firearm models. It includes the particular AR-15 and its variants, which have been used in an overwhelming quantity of highly publicized mass shootings — including February’s strike at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Senior high school.