Arctic walrus found in Orkney islands

Image copyright Russell Neave
Image caption The walrus was also spotted within Sanday

Five years after the “once-in-a-lifetime” sighting of a walrus in Orkney, a second animal has been spotted right now there.

The blubbery mammal was spotted by Lewis Hooper, a volunteer at Northern Ronaldsay bird observatory.

He told BBC Radio stations Orkney: “It turned and checked out me with these nice tusks decreasing. And that was when it really went under in. ”

The particular walrus was photographed again in the island of Sanday.

Image copyright Simon Revealed
Image caption Bird enthusiast Lewis Hooper discovered the animal while looking at a group of gulls

Mister Hooper said it is not thought to be exactly the same individual that was seen in March 2013, though it is the same species.

“I’d just made a decision to take the dog out in the evening, and we were walking along the coast plus there was a group of gulls so I had been having a look at them.

“I saw a big hump come out of the water, which I thought has been maybe a small whale.

“I sprinted round the coastline, and as I got to the edge from the coast I scanned along and it also was actually sat on the seaside.

“I’m no mammal expert, but it was pretty apparent what it was. It was clearly, obviously a walrus. ”

Image caption The walrus spotted in Northern Ronaldsay in 2013 was considered happy to be the centre of interest

Mister Hooper said the last walrus present in North Ronaldsay only stayed in the region for about a day so it was just seen by people living in your area.

But he or she said there had already been attention from people who want to travel to Orkney in the hope of seeing the dog.

Sanday ranger Emma Neave-Webb, of Sanday Development Rely on, said: “My job here is greatly looking after the local – and not therefore local – wildlife. A wonderful work, made all the better by sightings like this.

“This provides certainly been the wildlife emphasize of my time on Sanday so far – so exciting to find out such a magnificent animal so shut. ”

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